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The ML MEBLE is a family company founded in 1996 and run from the beginning by Dariusz Niszcz. 100% of Polish capital in the hands of one owner is an undoubted advantage that gives the comfort of doing business, as well as guaranteeing certainty for current and future contractors. Initially, as a small carpentry plant, we performed a completely different production profile than now, however, the possibility of development, which gave the furniture industry at that time, as well as the decisive action of the owner resulted in a change of production profile to furniture.
Currently, we offer our clients the furniture for living room, bedroom, youth room, dining room, hallway, and office. The company's assumptions, based on the production of the highest quality products, have made our factories equipped with the technological park of the largest and best producers of machines for the furniture industry in the world.




We are constantly improving technology and working on the design of our systems so that the customer can fully enjoy the purchase and use of our furniture. Currently, our furniture can be purchased at more than 1000 sales points throughout the country and abroad, and we reach further destinations every year.







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