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 Living room


BLANCO System is fashionable, light and natural colouring of the furniture giving many opportunities for the unusual arrangements. The combination of the snow pine and MDF new grey is perfect both for the  modern living room and in the teenagers' room. The unique design of the wooden handles gives character and style to the furniture and perfectly fits and contrasts with the front inserts. Blanco is a unique system distinguished primarily by its characteristic, wide handles and rounded MDF slats in the NEW GREY decor. Handles with decorative MDF in combination with light fronts in décor SNOW PINE perfectly harmonize with each other underlining the aesthetics and qualities of the furniture. The collection has been improved by increasing the loading capacity of the drawers thanks to special strengthening of their bottom. A distinctive decorative element of the collection is the implementing of a skirting board in wardrobes that illuminate the piece of furniture giving the interior a unique atmosphere.
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